Custom Grown Greenhouse is a locally owned and run greenhouse and garden center in Milwaukee. We have a unique and varied selection of plants including fresh herbs, vegetables, annuals, perennials and so much more!


Monday – Saturday 10-6PM

Sunday 10-3PM

We hope to see you soon!

4507 S 6th St, Milwaukee, WI 53221

Phone: 414-744-4521

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Thank you for supporting our local business! We have tons of plant options at Custom Grown Greenhouse including : 

Annual Flowers
Perennial Flowers
Proven Winners Flowers
House Plants
Tropical Plants
Hanging Baskets 
Combination Container’s
Annual Flower Flats
Perennial Roses
Garden Décor
Gardening Supplies
Herbs at the Garden Center
House Plants
Mulch, Top Soil, Fertilizer, Fresh-Cut Sod

We carry more than 40 types of Tomatoes and about 20 different types of Peppers. In addition, we grow: Onions, Lettuce, Cauliflower, Pok Choy, Kale, Broccoli, Cucumbers, Cabbage, Eggplant, Strawberries, and much more!

Custom Grown Greenhouse prides itself with friendly faces, and excellent customer service. Most of our employees have been with us 20+ years!

Our family owned garden center and greenhouse is an operated independent retail nursery. We supply the community with their gardening needs along with local businesses and localities.

At Custom Grown Greenhouses we grow and handpick the best plants from local growers in our area. 

Do I need to feed my flowers?

We provide all the fertilizer needed for your outdoor flowers to last all year.

How often should I water my plants and flowers?

A general rule of thumb is, the smaller the pot, the more often you should water your plants and flowers. For more specific questions on watering, we can assist you in the greenhouse and garden center.

How does it stay so warm in the greenhouse?

The sun! We also have heaters for cloudy and extra cold days. In the middle of summer, we use shades to keep it it cooler

Is Custom Grown Greenhouse on Facebook?

Yes, follow and like us for updates on the greenhouse!

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