Opening Day 2022 is MONDAY, MAY 2!

Hours: Monday – Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-3

Are you ready for OPENING DAY??? A few helpful hints for shopping with us this year:

  • We are busiest around the lunch hour. That and the traffic from next door at that time make the parking area congested.
  • Please be careful entering and leaving the parking lot – it’s tricky with someone coming in while you’re trying to leave. You can park on the grass or on the street and then drive up closer to load if need be.
  • If you have a box or container to transport your plants, feel free to bring it! We keep our prices low so help us reduce our expenses.
  • Lastly, it has been a cold spring. Our perennials and hardy annuals will be ok in these cooler temps, but watch the nighttime lows for your hanging baskets and other annuals. Keep them inside or protected in a garage until the threat of frost has passed.

Our smiling faces will see you soon! 😁